Cutting-Edge Diesel Engine Diagnostics in New England

Almost all of the new engines out now are electronically controlled, and are required to meet Tier II EPA requirements. The goal of these electronically-controlled diesel engines is to make running them virtually smokeless--a far cry from what has come to be expected from these types of engines throughout the years.

It takes a lot to make this happen, however, which is why Casco Bay Diesel & Injection Service is ready to step in and make sure everything is running as it should with our diesel engine diagnostics in New England. These engines must maintain injection pressures from 20,000 to 24,000 psi or higher with multiple or two-stage turbocharging and complicated pre-burn and after-burn controls. All of this takes elaborate electronic hardware and software to monitor the cooling system, fuel supply, lubrication, engine load, intake temperature, and exhaust temperature. If any of these items are off, then you will not receive the optimized performance you are after.

Electronic Diagnostic Support

electronic diagnosticsKeeping your system optimized is essential. That is why our team is proud to offer diagnostic support for Caterpillar(r), Cummins(r), and Detroit Diesel(r), using CAT(R) Electronic Technician, Cummins Insite, and Pro-Link for DDEC(R) I, II, III, and IV. This is in addition to our MAN-Cats II computer diagnostic services, which we have been using for many years. Our team is also capable of serving your Duramax, Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins, and Navistar engines.

Thanks to this broad coverage, we are one of the most versatile diesel engine mechanics throughout the east coast. If your CAT, Cummins, or Detroit Diesel (now MTU) is out of warranty, then simply contact our diesel engine shop right away. We look forward to the opportunity to show you what real personal service looks like.