New England Diesel Engine Specialists

In 1994, Casco Bay Diesel started as a one man operation by Bob Chamberlain and his wife Cathy. His goal was just to provide more personal attention to his customers in the marine and heavy equipment industry, servicing engines, transmissions, and other related components on just about anything with a diesel engine. As the years have gone by, the focus has been primarily in the marine market, which is a rapidly growing segment of our business. This is a constantly changing industry, with technology and environmental concerns requiring repeated updates of training, diagnostic equipment and tools to service our customers. And with the addition of a fuel shop and a few engine dealerships, we have grown to 4 technicians and 2 apprentices, with 4 service trucks, covering primarily the coastal areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, with a few forays into New York, Vermont, and Canada. We have traveled to Baltimore, Beaufort NC, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami to take care of our customers who have sailed up to Maine and we’re so pleased with our service that they have requested us to take care of them at their home ports. Bob’s right hand man for the last 23 years has been Galen Gullatt, who, with his wife Angela (Bob’s daughter) are now the owners of Casco Bay Diesel and Injection Service. Bob, who is nearing retirement, is still working in the field, providing technical advice, and helping train his grandson Tyrell, and his friend Mason (now married to Bob’s granddaughter Nayana). Kevin, our fuel system technician, has been with us since we purchased the fuel shop, and has 25 years of previous experience with that shop. Dave, with his mechanical aptitude and IT experience, has been a valuable addition to our family.
In this year, 2020, despite the turmoil around the country with the COVID epidemic, we are as busy as ever. With social distancing, people are taking refuge in their boats in order to get out for recreation and spend time with their family. More boats have been sold to first-time boaters than ever before, requiring surveys, re-powers, overhauls, or long overdue maintenance. We have arrangements with several marinas up and down the coast to let us have our customers tie up for repairs, or work on their boats while in winter storage. Due to this over-abundance of work we sometimes can’t get to folks as fast as we would like, so we greatly appreciate it when people are patient. We know how important quick service is, and we will try to fit everyone in as quickly as we can.
Thank you for your interest in our business, and we hope that when you need service, you will give us a try.