Off-Highway & Industrial Equipment Engine Services in New England

Performance is a necessity when it comes to using your industrial equipment on a project. Equipment that fails, malfunctions, or doesn’t work with the precision necessary to achieve your goals can add costly delays and errors. The best way to avoid problems like that is to make sure a team of professional mechanics adequately maintains your equipment.

Casco Bay Diesel & Injection Service provides industrial equipment engine services throughout New England. With our mobile and on-site services, we make sure that your equipment is optimized for performance so that you know that every time you turn it on, it is going to deliver the exact results you desire. Contact our diesel engine shop to schedule an appointment to have our mechanics come and check on your off-highway or industrial equipment.

Ready to Assist You

There are a number of different ways our team can help you get your equipment working correctly again. Some of the various services we offer include:

  • Generator Diagnostics & Testing
  • Engine, Generator, & Fuel System Repairs
  • Engine, Generator, & Fuel System Overhauls
  • Full Engine, Generator, & Fuel System Servicing